Welcome to the #3rdchat Wikispace!

Next chat session: Set for May 2nd at 7:00pm EST.

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What is #3rdchat?
#3rdchat is a hashtag teachers or anyone else can use in Twitter to talk about educational issues specific to 3rd grade.

What is the purpose of #3rdchat?
Using #3rdchat will create a network of 3rd grade teachers or any teacher interested in learning new ideas.

When does #3rdchat meet?
#3rdchat meets once a month on a Wednesday evening at 7:00pm EST! Even if #3rdchat isn't have it's official meeting, you can still use the hashtag, #3rdchat, at anytime to share anything useful!

What does #3rdchat chat about?
That’s the best thing! This chat is for everyone! If you have a topic of interest please tweet it to @TRockR or @JaimeVanderG or go to our Wallwisher Website and leave us a sticky note!

How does it work?
1. Log onto Twitter

2. Use the #3rdchat hashtag on all of your tweets.

3. Join in the converstation / add input / ask questions.